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A successful desert tour consists of two realities. See and live. While we guide you from city to city, from village to another, you will have many chances to see the different colours of nature and the various architectural faces which marks the south of Morocco. The old walls, Kasbahs and nomad camps. Mountains , gorges, valleys and dunes. Your satisfaction regarding the journey can be proved by a big number of pictures. But, is this enough so we could qualify the journey as successful ?.

We  would like to show the other reality; the value of living Morocco and its desert. At the time you are spending the day as a real nomad, preparing a nomad lunch, getting dressed in local, enjoy the songs and staying for overnights in nomad tents in the bivouac, then it is up to us to take pictures of you ; pictures that show the two values together. We have the pleasure to take you meet the Berbers in their villages and the moving nomads in the desert listen to their stories and History, their adventures and their endurance. A thing that will let you know well about the desert life.


*Bivouac in the Desert


A bivouac is a group of several nomad tents, the « Khaima. » These tents consist of a frame made of wood and carriers of a bar ridge. The tent is made by assembling strips of woven wool 40 to 60 cm wide. Weaving is made of brown wool with goat hair and camel mixed.

Spend one or more nights camping allows you to fully immerse yourself in an atmosphere Saharan Africa. Sunset and authenticity are at the rendezvous. Sleeping in the nomad tents reveals in typical activities of nomads such as to prepar local dishes around a fire and go on excursions on camel or 4×4 on one or more days, this is the program feasible from the bivouac.

It is in this region that remains the last Saharian nomads who still bear the memory of caravans, glorious hours of the Sahara. Accompanied by an experienced professional, you choose from our services that suit you best, the quad biking or even ride the camel, in both cases you will have an extra adventure on the ocean of sand.

The Berber tents  are equipped with mattresses and blankets. Provide a sleeping bag as the nights can be chilly. Bivouac in the new kitchen and abuses observed in some countries do not have class. The food is simple, hearty and prepared with fresh products. Tagines, couscous, kebabs and barbecue can be enjoyed quite happily around a campfire.

Southern Morocco is a treasure not to be missed, a paradise worth visiting because it is full of wonders, beautiful landscapes and oasis that you can not find anywhere else.


*Our discovery tours

We will accompany you to the discovery of the desert in a landscape of colors and wide open spaces. The green  Draa valley extending to the desert, the lunar landscape of Jebel Sarhro the impressive Todra and Dades inflaming colors at sunset. The « road of 1000 kasbahs’, with its sand castles looming on the bottom of a deep blue sky, the journey turns into a real » must « , very popular with photo enthusiasts who will be pleased to unforgettable taken



 We have selected the best hotels, guest houses and Kasbah in southern Morocco for their excellent value and location. Make sure you book in advance because tourism is flourishing today leaves little choice favourite last minute. Do not hesitate to contact us.


*Camel Trekking

A trip in Moroccan Sahara desert is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. It is a journey well worth the effort and you will have fond memories to last you forever. Imagine yourself on top a camel, trekking through the Sahara desert. There is nothing around you and all you can hear are the footsteps of the camel on the soft sand. The sky is vast and clear in the day and filled with millions of bright stars at night. It is a very peaceful experience, one really known to most of the Western World.


The pleasure of the camel riding is recently  found by the travellers an amazing adventure on the immense  Sahara,  unlimited & mysterious  place  everyone try to discover the hidden dunes and ergs