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Super fleshy garden fantasy world of good, and today the focus is not complaining with customs Marrakech, I believe there are a lot of people leave before. Because I travel companions in Morocco with only eight days left, so to give up on the street to find cheap Marrakech Sahara tour, looking directly on the web guide + private car, not running the way back to put the well-known tourist routes play finished, half-way do not go in any souvenir shop or see the freak show. Climb out of bed, a little bit cold in North Africa is now about 10 degrees, do not think we have to wear short-sleeved, thick leather jacket in the package are the ham. Many people choose the first leg of Marrakech, Morocco, as is the next to enter the Sahara trip and enjoy the magnificent Rose Valley. In November, when looking for the reference of friends recommended the inn, but it seems budgets are high, you want to use the money to buy time is such a thing right, but not every company will respond. Finally, I found Mustafa (Mustapha). A 30-year-old ethnic Berber guide the young, and his cousin both Dadang each other, cousin drove him all the way to explain Morocco’s Berber ethnic historical stories. Breakfast the next day wake up in the morning at eight Mustafa came to pick us up. Before departure a little research what is said most of the trip is to enter the sub-contracted out to a large travel agency, and then distributed to the packet to the sale to passengers, a man about 80 to 100 ohms, at first glance very cheap but along with it will inevitably forced shopping marketing problems, and three meals a day should take care of themselves. In Morocco only be eight days, not that the United States time to slowly consumed, looking for a recommendation on Tripadvisor is a private corporation specializing in business, set about two stroke three days and two nights, not only along the guided care, there are car directly He took us to the desert landscape with the expense of a person 300 Euro. There is really early in the morning at eight named Mustafa, who came to the hotel as the tour guide to take us on the train, I really Hao Li added super afraid to put the bird. We travel only two, by his free-spirited (often to the passers-A) cousin when the driver, all the way to our full service. Tour with the driver relatives together in the tourism industry, as the nomadic Berber people of their unusually strong language, English, French, Arabic, Berber language can pass. A city really began racing into the Rose Valley, although in the summer of Rose Valley is beautiful, but temperatures as roasted red clay-like people, tour guides say now to more suitable. But a terrible wind out of the bus did not hit well by ㄋ. Bed and Breakfast a meeting with the boss Mustafa They talk like old friends, like, ask if they know afterwards, Mustafa expressed his personality is very easy to mingle with people, so when the tour guide is destiny. We take a four-wheel drive. To put what pose Mustafa are with the way the winding mountain road, occasionally in a suitable spot to stop and take pictures, but to take a little tired, was guided good intentions to get out to take pictures will be very perfunctory immediately ran back to the car to take two on. Rose Valley is still littered with people with very Duo Bobo laterite puzzle out of the house, along the way there are Berbers selling souvenirs, but most only the elderly and infirm, young people should have the ability to be like Mustafa went to the city to work this minority also are facing problems. Our designated route from Marrakech Fes off until departure, a full three days so the brothers related files together. Although the beginning did not understand some of their English accent, but this thing solved, over two hours to be able to begin a ride sing very happy. Berber people in order to maintain and expand outward relations culture for outsiders are very kind, but also actively learn a variety of languages ​​such as Portuguese, Spanish, English, of course, most people can speak French, so travelers from Europe very much, they also many hold a positive attitude towards communication, there is not a problem exclusive. Designated private guides have a great advantage: do not waste time repel annoying flies. I have read on the site saying: “Morocco everything is good, but a group of Moroccans live”, this sentence is really true, but if the world does not believe where are holding the attitude will only make the journey a little too much lonely pain. Its impact go, I encounter these people to bypass the opportunity for myself and a good companion to enjoy the scenery along the way, to live a little better taste. You say that it is a luxury? But I think it got a lot of valuable time and good mood, happy to make this road I miss my life. The first station to attractions is a world heritage Ait benhaddou, complete and very taste of medieval Islamic city, shooting off to Hollywood, such as “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Indiana Jones,” “Gladiator,” “FireWire staggered “, etc., you can see the shadow of the ancient city. Is currently in the low water level in winter, there is a river town can easily step on the sand pack to cross the river. Puzzle out of the house with red clay and straw is very fragile, the rain will gradually disintegrate, so they need regular maintenance. Fifty-six only people still living here, the house will be rented out to film companies purported maintenance funds. A large section of the road has been a Hollywood film several courses, which take full advantage of the climate of Morocco with the background, whether it is earth shattering, Sphinx, pyramids and other gadgets have become Pharaoh out very powerful to say. After staying in a private tour special hotel, seven or eight points early in the morning and depart every day to get up at six ten slept really good retirement. As a nomadic Berber people are very hospitable, very friendly to foreign visitors are active, a little cooked directly after home entertained. Driver father took us home at noon meal, together with his wife, three children enjoy special Berber pizza, though not a meal, but the edge of the desert to eat local food hot very happy. Then take us to an alternate hotel, lay down all baggage will only take a backpack into the desert night. The hotel is an alternate in case guests do not like sudden desert tent, or the next day back to freshen up, eat breakfast only, of course, there are travelers choose to stay. But how do not come into the desert? Man holding little brother by the camel two camels, camel hand with the same foot so we loaded the desert. Sahara sand is red, beauty shines out when the sun sets, it is hard to believe that is true. Riding more than an hour, finally see the tent area, but because it is a private corporation today only two of us to live. Camel little brother who is only 23 years old, who is also the camel man, cook, campfire liter, drums entertainment, and other functions joke about, but he was a genius will be multi-lingual, or how to cope with a lot of foreigners. Starry sky is beautiful, but only two of us + little brother, really like to walk through the tent to find someone else, but hey there is really far enough, and had eight more to go back to sleep. Close to zero in the desert, the wool was to cover five, so I do not cover will be cold dead, another was crushed to death cover, desert nation is not good when ah ah ah … The next day at half past six little brother called with a lazy voice we get (super lazy voice difficult to imitate), but in fact more than five points on the cold wake up. By this time, the dim light, full of a variety of small animal tracks, there should be rodents, marsupials, rabbits, snakes, etc. on the sand, who did not desert life simply super busy, and many of them lie in the middle of the night to sneak camel local heating. Watching the beautiful sunrise in respect left, and climb camel shake more than an hour, he returned to the hotel to wash a hot water bath for 20 minutes Shuangwai ah … really have to say this very well arranged private guide, then down to how to Fes do not bother, directly to his hotel address with the phone, Mu Sita law to help me take the contact. While driving from ten in the morning, nearly seven in the afternoon to Fez, they accompany us along the road on the car and killing the chat (but totally another person sleeping). Upon arrival Fez hotel, along with three days they will leave. Dad taught me to tip most handsome way is when shaking hands with each other, hands tucked in to the other side. Mu Sita law farewell with a handshake superimpose him 50 euros, he smiled his hand back in his pocket, it should be very satisfied with it. By the way, the most important is to ask private guide is the cost? Contains the well-known attractions along the road one day + night hotel + desert) (Chinese themselves), the peak season in December when a man about 300 euros. If you are selling on along the road, and others are forced to waste time counted money loss, so the cost is not expensive, after all, you pay for, do not want to go home yet recess to how cheap self Shuang propaganda, if you pay labor can also experience depression. Such private tour guide can be used with the traveler in several large cities do collusion, if interested please join his Facebook chat, he has recently come out to do their own, let him know that the people of Taiwan visitors to remember him Sita French face book:

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