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Day trips from Marrakech


  • Hike to the base of the waterfalls
  • Eat at a number of local restaurants
  • Ferry back down the river to the base of the falls



High up in the Atlas Mountains there awaits a waterfall of such beauty, pictures will never be able to do it justice. Here in front of you is the Ouzoud waterfall. Crowned with an almost permanent rainbow, you’ll soon discover why this is one of the most visited sites in the area. Falling over 330ft (100m), the falls make a spectacular backdrop for your daytrip from Marrakech. Your private tour allows you absolute freedom to explore and discover this wondrous landscape at your own pace.

Your drive to the falls will greet you with lush green valleys, mills dotting the landscape, orchards of apricots, figs and olives, and a superb circuit of gorges of the El Abid River.
If you’re feeling sporty, take an adventurous hike through Olive groves (Ouzoud means Grinding Olives in Berber language) to the bottom of the waterfall. Here you will have the chance to swim in these healing waters, and after the two hours of walking, the refreshing water will be a welcome friend. As the sun begins to wane, you may even be fortunate enough to find yourself amongst a spectacular scenary, playing the smell of different food including Tajin. Of course, no trip to the falls is complete without food, and you’ll have plenty of in one of the small restaurants overlooking the waterfalls.



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